The You Count Interactive Lamp is a classically distilled cube design that provides a platform to facilitate exchanges of gratitude in the medical workplace.


Amid the constant crush of caregiving, hospital workers face daunting days filled with thankless duty. The You Count Interactive Lamp acts as a gentle and playful reminder to thank colleagues for their hard work. The bright colors and basic design of the You Count Lamp make it a neutral and appealing addition to any hospital break room/atrium. The lamp is accompanied by an easy-to-use interactive platform, which works with any touch-enabled device. This simple interface allows workers to quickly craft and sends messages of thanks to their colleagues. In the busy backdrop of a hospital, the break room is a place where hospital staff comes together to regroup and unwind. The subtly glowing presence of the You Count lamp will serve as an uplifting well of gratitude and goodwill. This, in turn, will promote productivity and deeper job satisfaction, affecting positive change in the workplace and beyond.

Software Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Invision